Isokinetics for training. High Speed Training delivers Results.

The attempt to improve the speed, strength and explosive power has been limited to biometric and other eccentrically loaded exercise programs. That’s until now….TEKS has revolutionised the way to train for speed, strength and explosive power.

TEKS equipment delivers High Speed. High Intensity resistance training that

x Replicates speeds experienced during competition without the risk of injury

x Produces no delayed muscle soreness (DOMS) because there is no load on the joints or stretch on the muscles under tension

x Increases the number of neuromuscular pathways to activate more fast twitch fibres which in turn increases speed and explosive strength

x Works the cardiovascular system to burn fat and increase endurance

x Increases lactic acid thresholds as a result of dual concentric loading which is vital for dynamic Sports

x Leads to quicker rehabilitation due to its low impact nature and ability to control resistance levels through the full range of motion.

x TEKS comes with computer managed Training System training templates that are preloaded or Coaches and create their own. The option exits for a Coach to tailor a program to suit an individual user or user groups. This system monitors performance in real time.

x After a workout , the information can be analysed . A coach can carry out a detailed analysis to aid their decision making in Training.

x Users also get to see their performance in real time as they train on an interactive touch screen which provides comparative data. This can give users extra motivation as well.