The use of isokinetic dynamometers, and their protocols, has been in use for over 30 years, mostly in the rehabilitation of injuries in a clinical setting. But it is quickly becoming a widely accepted form of resistance exercise for performance enhancement.

Why? Well,  if these machines can rehabilitate an injured athlete, then why not train a healthy athlete, using the same principles, and maximize their gains, often at velocities similar to that which is required in their sport?

The Manual below will attempt to bridge some of the knowledge gaps between training with isokinetic machineryThis manual will define some of the attributes of this type of training, as well as present scientific studies that can back-up the results that the coaches, and athletes alike, will see on the field of play.

There are thousands of athletes out there already who can testify to the efficacy of this type of training regimen, so we know it works.


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